Monday, December 13, 2010

Web Design - Structure Preview

My personal website isn't completed yet, but here are a few screencaps.

Contact page is probably the least designed and most incomplete because I need to figure out the coding. Otherwise, for everything else the layout is more or less what it is. Gray boxes indicate an image area.

I also have an index or home page, except I dunno what I want to do with it, so it's blank for now and therefore now shown here. The only idea that comes to mind is perhaps a promotional video or something, which I don't think I'll be able to finish any time soon if I decide to go with that. For now I will need something else...

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Type Specimen Book - Cover Redesign

I was told the typography on the cover doesn't seem to work completely somehow, so I kinda redid it.

Background is kept the same. The different part is the re-composition of the typography. I tried simplifying the composition and then adding a little touch to it, being the "for Mr. Hyde" fading. Dunno if it's better, but definitely cleaner than the previous version.

Web Design - Resume

I chose to design my personal website for my last project of the semester, since I felt that having a personal website is a top priority plus I don't know what other projects I would like to do.

I will post screenshots of my current progress later regarding the website. For now, I finished designing my resume (probably not perfect, but at least I have something now).

Took me quite a while to design this. One of my teachers last year mentioned about not to over-design our resumes, and I felt it makes sense since legibility is key. I just tried to organize the information the best as I could while trying to make it look tidy.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Showcase Posters

So we're suppose to choose our two best pieces and make them into 13 x 19" posters to submit to showcase. I think my two best pieces are definitely my Type Specimen Book and my Package Design. I never felt that my Infographics worked, lol.

I know these look more like spreads, but I just didn't think the vertical format worked that well. Or maybe I've just been thinking too much about portfolio review?

I know the package design is missing the base and casing, but I didn't really have time to get the plastic cutter to cut the plexi glass that I bought.

Not feeling too sure about these posters. Hopefully they're okay.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Package Design - Products & Photos

Took a couple of photos of the outer box for my Daifuku trio. I tried photographing the stuff at 3 different angles each for the most part. Below are the results. (I'm kinda liking the idea of trio, even though taking 3 angles each was an accident.)

This was my first attempt at the outer package using styrene plastic. Turned out that I didn't really need to round the insides where the Daifuku packages would sit. Styrene was a little more time consuming and expensive than just cardboard anyways.

Final product using black cardboard assembled together with jade glue. The pattern was printed on a separate sheet of paper and then glued on to the cardboard on the bottom. The dividers were added afterwards, and of course the triangular shapes (there to stop the Daifuku packages from sliding off) were added last. I would call this just a prototype, but I can "make" the final product in Photoshop or Illustrator with the aid of photo references.

The Daifuku packages sitting inside of the outer box (or just the base at the moment). Just 3 more ordinary angles of shooting.

I also tried photographing at something like a frontal view and 3/4 view. I had the camera sit on the table that is.

Some close-ups. I wish I thought about photographing this in a way such that I can make it into a panorama, but too late for now. Maybe I'll do it when I come back from Thanksgiving break.

More close-ups. This time it's the frontal and 3/4 view with the camera on the table again.

The Daifuku packages before folding. Kinda liking the dramatic angle of the 3rd photo.

Another close-up. This time only one photo because the other one turned out bad.

The inside of the Daifuku packages. Four different angles took, and I guess all four were okay, so I decided I'd post them all anyways.

Now I just need to make the transparent plastic case and I think I'd be done! Too bad I'll have to do that after Friday.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Package Design - Fruit Icons

I don't know what got to me. I do remember there was a suggestion about including a fruit icon or something inside of the smaller packages, but I went ahead to create something that was more stylized...

Better with expression or no expression?

Either way, I still kept the shape of the Daifuku in mind while making these. The round shape is the same as the "ro" Katakana character used in the logos. To keep the icons consistent and related, I just gave each one a little "hair style" I guess. Hopefully they still look like the fruits they're suppose to be, no matter how weird they might appear to be.

I'll probably put them on the bottom of the inside of the box, as a little surprise factor.